“It’s three o’clock in the morning
and my heart feels empty because
you are not beside me
and i miss you than i could explain
but good lord even though i want you,
i hate that i do i mean i hate
that i miss you
because i mean
to you.”

"My partner and I broke up and it’s really hard for me.” /// r.i.d (via macaullays)

i love rp partners who know my characters so well that i never mind them godmodding my characters in drabbles and ask memes and all 


admin problems: judging apps {special guest: simon cowell}


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THAT’S IT EVERYONE, IT’S A WRAP. you don’t have to follow me anymore. 


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  • turbopenguin happy birthday???
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It’s really pretty funny, because I always thought of myself as the wimpy kid and was really shocked when I was asked to play the cool one. I mean, I am a goofy person, really. That’s where my energy goes, that’s how I live my life. The goof gene is very strong inside me, really.

Deborah Ann Woll for Bello

definition of timeless